Modernity, Cross-Training, Photogenesis, Collaboration, and a Tease.

Hi folks! Lots going on in alannadances world, so I thought I’d do a comprehensive update.

1) My next performance is this weekend! Short notice/poorly promoted by me, I know, but the shows have been sold out for weeks now so I’m not worried about turn-out. 😀 I will be appearing in cycle IV of Reveries and Elegies with Mary Armentrout Dance Theater as both a dancer and a vocalist. This is the second time I get to work professionally with Mary (!) and the vocal component of the show has given me the opportunity to meet and work with SF musician, composer, and sound artist Pamela Z. Being in rehearsal with these two established, successful, and supremely creative female artists has been beyond inspiring. Wish me luck! I’ll be wearing a woman’s size M costume that somehow fits me and all the other non-fat dancers (NETTING IS MAGIC) and dancing in driveways and on fences. And sand. MODERN, Y’ALL.

Side note: Ms. Z lives in the most amazing live/work space FANTASY I’ve ever seen in real life. It’s a gorgeous all white lofted studio with a beautiful kitchen, and the kind of curated personal collection of art and music that I dream about. Gonna keep dreaming about that.

2) I just signed up for 2 new epic cross-training things. First is a course of fusion belly dance and conditioning work with my new girlcrush Cera Byer. I met this fierce diva at the very end of 2012, and her influence directly led to the founding of this website and solidified my notion that I can and should be legit because I say I am.  I can’t wait to go deep with her, seriously.

My second epic cross-training commitment is to train for my first 10k. Having established that yes, Fatty Can Run 3.1 miles, Fatty is going to try for 6.2. I will be at this race (in August) if anyone wants to sign up with me! My app of choice is Ease into 10k (for Android). I originally trained with Ease into 5k, and there is a “bridge” app but the reviews are bad so I’m going for the straight up 10k version. As I mentioned on FB, contact me if know if you want to know more about my approach to running for supersize bodies.

3) I have a date with Lilia Schwartz of babymoon photography coming up in March. Lilia approached me about being a subject for part of a personal project she’s doing about fat bodies, and of course I said yes! I am so excited to have some beautiful, movement-y photos to cherish for myself and share with the world. Fatties on film, yo. Powerful stuff.

4) My SYTYCD audition is 1 month from today!!!!!!! WHAT. I’ve been working with Katrin Auch in LA remotely via the wonder of technology. In addition to her other awesome skills in the field of design, Kat is a detailed and musically lush lyrical choreographer who offered to create an audition piece for me that will “show me off” properly. The choreo is complete and I’m currently in rehearsal for it every week. Working with Kat has been terrific, and it makes me feel so good to know that my community is interested in this audition process, however it ends up. I’m pretty sure I will be recycling my fierce outfit from “Hurts So Good” because it’s just that hot. 😀


5) I’m developing my first ever professional choreography for a local (AWESOME) burlesque artist. I’m not going to reveal deets right now because the work is for her and she will decide the terms of its reveal,  but I just can’t stay quiet about how proud I am of the project and how glorious it’s going to be. OMG.

That’s my update folks! I’m a busy bee, for sure.

Yours in adipose-passion,