Alanna Kelly is a fat dancer and choreographer living and working in Oakland, California. She has been training in Jazz technique since 2007 with Jessica Erin Judd and Matilda St. John, and in 2012 she added training in Ballet with Mary Armentrout, Broadway Jazz with Christina Lazo, Belly Dance Fusion with Cera Byer, and Hip-Hip with Demone LeBeau. Her choreography has been performed locally since 2010.

Her personal style has classical roots, and is full of angles, musicality, and rad fatness.

Her statement:

Hi! I’m here to make a big fat ruckus about how much I love dance. Dance is for everybody. Dance is for me. Dance is for you. Dance is for anyone and everyone. Every Body. My mother put it this way: Alanna, you are opening the heavy, bank-vault-style door between the “real” world and all the fat art and self acceptance that must come out.

Banner photo credit: Alanna Kelly in her choreography “Disaster”, photo by Katrin Auch.


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