Working on my Hip Hop.

Quick video of me in class with Cera Byer and also, I’m dancing with Sarah Bush!

I mean name-dropping is obnoxious but having a dance experience with a Bay legend gave me FAN GIRL FEELS sooooo sorry not sorry. 😀

People who are skilled in this dance style amaze and inspire me. I have loved all that I’ve been exposed to, and taking classes in hip hop at New Style Motherlode has done nothing but work me, push me, and make me better. I’ve taken with Momo and Shania, and worked a little with Corey Action and Teela Shine, and they are all 100% body pos/fat girl approved.

I’m going to make a master list of all the classes I’ve eaten up in the Bay Area, for the curious.

Here’s our snippet:

Note that Cera’s class is NOT running right now. 😦 Just FYI since the vid is a plug for the class.